For Parents

Kingston Primary School encourages parent participation and involvement in our school, especially in special activities and functions that are held throughout the course of the school year.

To keep parents and students up-to-date with upcoming events and the latest school news, we issue a newsletter each twice a term, regularly update information via the SchoolZine app, update this school website and hold assemblies for primary classes on Fridays commencing at 8.45am (currently not open to parents and run as a 'PA assembly')

We have also dedicated this section of our website to parents and carers as an accessible and instant source of information.

Here, you’ll find the following information and downloads:

  • Enrolment Process (including an application form)
  • Parent Information Booklet
  • Contributions & Charges
  • Business Plan
  • Annual Report
  • School Review 2021
  • School Curriculum
  • Newsletter

If you would like further information about our school or have a question that you’d like to ask, please contact our administration office on (08) 9797 5000.