School Board

The School Board represents the school community in the process of school planning and policy development. However, its members are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.

Current Members

Peter Jones
Peter Jones King is the Principal of Kingston Primary School
Jae Dornan
Jae is the Deputy Principal of Kingston Primary School and Staff Representative
Alana Pritchard
Alana is a staff representative on the School Board, and is our board Chair.  She has  3 daughters attending Kingston since 2011, and loves the lifestyle of the Southwest. She has a background in freelance writing, and currently works at Leschenault Leisure Centre.  
Byron Allen
Byron is a father of 3, with one child already in high school, one in year 6 at Kingston PS, and a 3 year old who will be starting Kindy in 2022.  Byron works as a mortgage Broker, and also coaches his oldest son's soccer team.  
"We all love Kingston PS and after moving around and the attending 4 or 5 other schools, we know that Kingston is a fantastic school."
Kaye Hughes
Kaye is a Humanities Teacher at Manea Senior College.  As an educator with 20 years of experience and twin boys at Kingston Primary School. Interest in student wellbeing, inclusive practice and linking Kington PS to high school practice in the greater Bunbury region. 
Kristy Carriage
I'm a local Noongar woman, my families are the Narkles, McGuires and Narriers. I grew up in Bunbury for all of my schooling years. Then I lived and worked in NSW in both the Community Health Sector and Fair Trading industry. My beautiful family and I moved to Kingston 7 years ago and we love being here. I'm currently working as the Aboriginal and Islander Education Assistant at Manea SC and Bunbury Senior High School, so I have a great interest in the educational needs of our school. I hope I can bring some experience, local knowledge and understanding to our school board and look forward to contributing to the next phase of our school's development. 
Paul Mitchell
Anne Curd
Anne is a Deputy Principal at Kingston Primary School.


Board Minutes