Internship Program

The concept of a Professional Learning School was developed in early 2008, based on research from Australia, Scotland, the USA, findings from the Twomey Report, and statements from the Department of Education “Classrooms First Strategy”.

The model for implementation at Kingston Primary School was adopted by the DOE and ECU Southwest in August 2008.

How Does the Internship Program Work?

Kingston Primary School operates similarly to a teaching hospital. Fourth year Education students from Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University are merit selected to complete their final year of study on-site at Kingston Primary School.

A number of our classroom teachers act as mentors, and have an intern teacher with them throughout the year.

In Semester 1, our interns gain valuable school-based learning, and complete their Teaching Practice. In Semester 2, they are granted a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT).

During the second semester, our school is effectively resourced with additional qualified teachers to work with small groups or identified students, based on areas of need.

The ultimate aim of this program is to ensure that there are highly trained, experienced graduate teachers, committed to teach in a rural setting in WA.