Principals Address

Hello Everyone and welcome to our Kingston website.


We are currently updating this website hoping to give it a fresh new feel and look.


It is with pleasure I share with you a few things about Kingston Primary in my address to you. Firstly, Kingston Primary is a wonderfully caring school for children and staff. I have been here since May 2021 and am so impressed with the quality of staff, the kindness and respect they show one another, families and most importantly our students. We are a school that prides itself on high care, respect, excellence and courage. Daily these virtues are shown by all. Students are why we are here and we take it very seriously to educate them through quality teaching but also in meeting their needs. We all know how hard it is to learn if we are emotionally fragile, hungry or feeling a lack of belonging. Kingston Primary is a safe place where judgement and ego are not part of what we do.  We have a strong student services team consisting of a highly qualified and trained staff which include a Social Worker, Boys in Education Mentor, Student counsellor, school psychologist and dedicated administrators who consistently go above and beyond to provide support and the best opportunities for our children. As Principal, I couldn’t be more proud of this team and the whole staff.


Quality teaching at Kingston Primary is another area you can be assured your child is getting here. We excel at providing  the very best education to each and every student.  The majority of teachers at Kingston are Senior teachers or have attained their Level 3 status meaning they are the best of the best. The teaching staff including our Allied Professionals- Education Assistants are continually learning about the most effective ways of delivering the curriculum to your children.  They participate in professional learning organised by the school but many take up extra study and learning in their own time. The commitment by staff to be at the top of their game for your children is extremely commendable.


The students and staff at Kingston Primary come from many different backgrounds. We embrace all cultures and are particularly grateful to be on Wandu Noongar land. As a school we are striving to be more and more culturally responsive every day and love to learn about all of our heritage. Through our strong Virtues program our students show compassion, resilience and confidence along with respect, care and excellence.


We have a proactive school board and P&C. Both of which contribute to the great feel of our school. Our school board positively assists with the strategic direction of Kingston Primary and the P&C not only help with fundraising but also friend raising by welcoming new members.


I am delighted to be leading Kingston Primary alongside our four outstanding deputy principals.  Our doors are always open to students, staff and parents; together we hope your time at Kingston Primary brings you joy and success.


Kind regards

Katie Wallace


In 2018 Kingston Primary School was shortlisted (as one of four) in the Primary School of the Year Awards.

We look forward to your involvement with the school and trust that a close and effective working relationship between the school and home can be established in order to ensure the optimum climate for the education of your child(ren).  The school regards parents/carers as partners in the process of educating children.